It is so important to walk and enjoy a good day every once in a while. Today i was once again exploring this big city. I was walking around looking for the metro, when i see this beautiful redhead. I asked for directions and she said she would take me to it. Perfect!!. I immediately started asking questions about her and her life. We're Walking, chatting and having a nice day out. She was very sympathetic and i was getting horny by the minute. I asked if i could see her tits for some money, Then i got see a nice set tits, i touched them for some time and it was not difficult to propose to her about the sex. She was horny too and we just stopped in the middle of this small bridge, she unzipped my pants and licked my cock.. Wao!! my heart was raising because we were in this place in plain view of everyone. I couldn't stop her so i fucked her right there. I just looked around a little to avoid some shit, but in the end i filled her precious mouth with my cum. She loved it!! and there we set to walk a little more. This walk is really a walk to remember.

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